Project Documents > Communication Plan

The communication plan artifact functions as a framework for defining clear communication roles and responsibilities among stakeholders involved in the Widget Wonder’s training room computer upgrade project. Crafted during the IT-328 Project Management for Information Technology course, this communication plan outlines an effective approach to project communication.

In practical terms, this plan specifies the scope, channels, and frequency requirements for essential project communication. It reflects my ability to organize well-structured communication strategies. Covering a range of common communication elements, such as executive status reports, risk management registers, issue management logs, and change control documents, this plan establishes protocols and procedures. It also includes a team structure flowchart diagram to visually represent communication channels throughout the project’s execution.

The experience of developing the Communication Plan for the Widget Wonder’s training room computer upgrade project underscores my capacity to communicate effectively in various professional contexts. Understanding the protocols and procedures related to different communication elements will undoubtedly benefit future projects, whether as a dedicated team member or an effective team leader, ultimately contributing to the successful completion of projects.