Pluralsight Training and Certifications

Autodesk Maya 2018 Fundamentals
This course delves into diverse facets of Maya, showcasing how to navigate its various domains. Gain insights into the freshest enhancements introduced in the 2018 version, ensuring you stay at the cutting edge of Maya’s capabilities.
Autodesk Maya Modeling Fundamentals 2019
This course provides a comprehensive exploration of the modeling process, empowering you to sculpt, shape, and breathe life into your imaginative visions using Maya’s powerful tools and techniques.
Modeling Interiors in Autodesk Maya
This course guides you through the intricate process of creating captivating interior spaces, where every detail comes to life. Gain proficiency in manipulating shapes, textures, and lighting to craft environments that evoke realism and creativity.
Autodesk Maya UVs, Materials, and Textures Fundamentals
This course unveils the secrets behind creating stunning visuals by mastering the intricate art of applying textures and materials to your 3D models. Gain the skills to enhance realism, storytelling, and visual impact through the meticulous manipulation of UVs and textures.
Creating Your First Character in Autodesk Maya
This course guides you through the step-by-step process of bringing your characters to life, from conceptualization to execution. Acquire the skills to sculpt personalities and narratives through meticulously crafted digital characters, enriching your storytelling arsenal.
Your First Day in Autodesk Mudbox
This course is your gateway to exploring the realm of 3D sculpting and detailing, enabling you to transform ideas into intricate digital artworks. Discover the tools and techniques that empower you to breathe life into your creations and unlock a new dimension of artistic expression.
Fundamentals of Professional Level Design
Uncover the principles and techniques that underpin captivating game environments, as you learn to craft immersive worlds that captivate players’ senses and emotions. Acquire the skills to design spaces that drive storytelling, gameplay, and player engagement.
Introduction to Construction Script in Unreal Engine 4
This course unveils the power of visual scripting for game development, allowing you to create dynamic and interactive experiences without traditional coding. Dive into the fundamentals of Construction Script and gain the skills to bring your game ideas to life.
Fundamentals of Written Proposals
This course equips you with the skills to articulate ideas, solutions, and projects in a persuasive and impactful manner. Learn to structure proposals, communicate value, and engage stakeholders effectively, positioning yourself as a persuasive communicator and problem solver.
Introduction to Blueprint in Unreal Engine
This course demystifies the world of visual scripting, empowering you to create interactive and dynamic game systems without the need for traditional coding. Acquire the fundamentals of Blueprint scripting and unlock the potential to bring your game visions to life.
Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints Fundamentals
This course unveils the versatile power of visual scripting, enabling you to craft intricate game mechanics and interactions without traditional coding. Dive into the core concepts of Blueprints and gain the skills to create dynamic gameplay experiences.
Creating UI Elements in Unreal Engine 4
This course equips you with the skills to craft intuitive and visually appealing UI elements that enhance player experiences. Dive into the fundamentals of UI design and gain the ability to create engaging and interactive user interfaces.
Intro to 2D Side Scrollers in Unreal Engine
This course guides you through the process of creating engaging and visually stunning 2D side-scrolling experiences. Acquire the essential skills to craft intricate levels, dynamic characters, and compelling gameplay.