Project Documents

Project Proposal
This project proposal demonstrates my ability to analyze intricate computing problems and apply principles from computing and related fields to devise effective solutions. The presented project proposal advocates for the integration of a Day Trip feature into the existing GasBuddy application. By addressing the identified issues with the GasBuddy app, the proposal offers an IT-driven solution to mitigate these challenges. Developed as part of the IT-415 Advanced Information System Design course, this proposal showcases my competency in creating comprehensive IT project documents.
Project Management Plan
The purpose of this Project Management Plan (PMP) document is to exemplify my capacity to excel as both a team member and leader by offering a detailed insight into a typical workplace project. Crafted for the IT-328 Project Management for Information Technology course, this PMP underscores my competency in generating comprehensive project management documents.
Communication Plan
This communication plan artifact serves as a framework for establishing precise communication roles and responsibilities among stakeholders involved in the Widget Wonder’s training room computer upgrade project. Created as part of the IT-328 Project Management for Information Technology course, this communication plan delineates an effective approach to project communication. This document stands as a testament to my proficiency in orchestrating well-structured communication strategies.
Risk Analysis
This risk analysis artifact holds a paramount purpose—to pinpoint potential risks entwined with cyberlaws and ethical regulations, steering the development of compliance policies and guidelines for ABC Healthcare’s IT infrastructure and personnel. Conceived within the framework of the IT-412 – Cyberlaw and Ethics course, this Risk Analysis document serves as a testament to my capacity in navigating the intricate terrain of legal and ethical considerations.
System Design Document
This System Design Document meticulously outlines the intricacies of designing and developing the proposed Day Trip feature within the GasBuddy application. This System Design Document (SDD) serves a pivotal purpose—to furnish an exhaustive breakdown of the system components, their interrelationships, and architectural blueprint for the envisaged Day Trip feature. Its paramount objective is to offer the development team the requisite guidance to realize this new feature seamlessly. Crafted within the realm of the IT-415 Advanced Information System Design course, this SDD encapsulates my adeptness in orchestrating comprehensive system designs.
Project Closure Report
This Project Closure Document stands as the formal conclusion to the Day Trip feature project within the GasBuddy application. This artifact encapsulates the culmination of project endeavors, encompassing the final details regarding deliverables, scope, requirements, milestones, and lessons garnered. Its overarching purpose is to spotlight my prowess in identifying and dissecting stakeholder needs, orchestrating the design, development, and implementation of computing-based systems. Forged in the crucible of the Spring of 2019, this Project Closure Report materialized within the context of the IT-420 Advanced Information System Implementation course.