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The risk analysis artifact has a crucial purpose: to identify potential risks related to cyberlaws and ethical regulations, guiding the development of compliance policies and guidelines for ABC Healthcare’s IT infrastructure and personnel. Created during the IT-412 – Cyberlaw and Ethics course, this Risk Analysis document reflects my ability to navigate the complex landscape of legal and ethical considerations.

This artifact demonstrates my skill in recognizing professional responsibilities and making informed decisions in computing practice, based on legal and ethical principles. Through qualitative risk analysis, it assesses scenarios to identify vulnerabilities and threats that could impact business operations and resources. Vulnerabilities are system weaknesses that could be exploited, potentially compromising information security. The primary goal of this qualitative risk analysis is to create documentation, policies, and procedures that address vulnerabilities and prevent cyberlaw violations and ethical breaches. Additionally, the document highlights instances where ABC Healthcare may not comply with regulations and industry standards, paving the way to address vulnerabilities and mitigate threats. It also recommends the development of Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) and Codes of Ethics policies, suggesting components to strengthen defenses against vulnerabilities and their consequences.

Reflecting on this experience underscores my ability to identify noncompliance issues and understand the importance of adhering to legal and ethical principles. Integrating the rules that govern ABC Healthcare into its policies and procedures, including the establishment of a principled organizational culture through robust Code of Ethics policies, is a significant achievement. It provides a foundation to address nuances that legal frameworks may not explicitly cover. Mastery of processes and protocols for identifying and mitigating cyberlaw and ethics violations holds promise for the future. Whether as a dependable team member or a capable team leader, this expertise serves as a defense against risks that could impact business operations and resources.