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The Project Management Plan (PMP) document demonstrates my ability to effectively function as both a team member and leader by providing a detailed overview of a typical workplace project. Developed for the IT-328 Project Management for Information Technology course, this PMP highlights my skill in creating comprehensive project management documents.

This PMP serves as evidence of my capacity to serve as a team leader. It includes the allocation of staffing resources, the establishment of budgets, timelines, deadlines, goals, and measurements for the Widget Wonders training room computer upgrade project. Additionally, it defines the scope, requirements, and parameters of the Widget Wonders project. The management plan outlines objectives, processes, and procedures governing all aspects of the project, from identifying critical project components to conducting a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis, addressing stakeholder requirements, creating a work breakdown structure, setting budgets, assigning staffing, and implementing risk management and change management strategies.

Reflecting on the experience of developing the Widget Wonder’s training room computer upgrade project plan highlights my understanding of team member responsibilities and team leadership dynamics within a project context. This comprehension of the multifaceted project process equips me to contribute effectively to the successful completion of future projects.