Professional Statement of Purpose

My objective is to apply my education, experience, creativity, acquired skills, and abilities to contribute effectively as a member of a dynamic team. With a strong educational background and a solid work ethic, I am committed to being a proficient and innovative asset to any project. My interest in software development began in my childhood when I started programming in the BASIC language on my first computer in the 1990s. During my time in the Air Force, I demonstrated my passion for programming by using the Abbreviated Test Language for All Systems (ATLAS) to test and repair avionics equipment. This dedication led to recognition in my field, including receiving the United States Air Force Maintenance Professional of the Year award for the Pacific region.

To pursue my creative interests, I ventured into website and web-based application development, utilizing my scripting and programming skills in HTML, JavaScript, Flash ActionScript, CSS, PHP, Java, Python, and MySQL. Enrolling at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) for a Bachelor of Science in Information Technologies degree with an elective concentration in game design and development helped fill knowledge gaps and expand my skill set in application design and development. This educational journey enhanced my problem-solving abilities, crucial for business and engineering applications, and improved my ability to write logical, structured, organized, and efficient code. Using industry-standard software development kits and integrated development environment tools, I immersed myself in development concepts and methodologies within information systems and applications.

My time at SNHU also deepened my understanding of software system engineering principles, strengthened my grasp of object-oriented design, and introduced me to computer-assisted engineering (CASE) technology. I proficiently used the unified modeling language (UML) to create use-case diagrams, class diagrams, and sequence diagrams, while learning about different development methodologies like the waterfall, agile, and scrum models. Proficiency in operating database software, mastering modeling tools, and implementing proper database design and construction enabled me to navigate industry-standard project documentation confidently.

Reflecting on my Southern New Hampshire University experience highlights my growth into a more well-rounded candidate ready to contribute to interactive entertainment software development studios. While I had previously self-taught much of my knowledge, SNHU has bridged gaps and strengthened my existing skill set. Leveraging my experience, knowledge, and education was crucial when I took on the role of a level designer within a development team, leading to recognition in an award-winning student game design and development contest.

My passion for application development, combined with a strong drive to expand my horizons, makes me an ideal candidate for employment. Proficiency in industry-standard software, including game engine integrated development environment tools and 3D modeling software such as Unreal Engine and Autodesk Maya, along with a deep understanding of software design concepts, project development methodologies, the software development life cycle, and related project documentation, underscores my potential to be a valuable asset to prospective employers.

Screenshot from award winning Imaginarium project for school video game development contest.

Star Connection – game developed for an two week game jam.