Project Documents >Project Closure Report

The Project Closure Document marks the formal conclusion of the Day Trip feature project within the GasBuddy application. This document serves as a comprehensive summary of the project, covering deliverables, scope, requirements, milestones, and lessons learned. Its primary goal is to demonstrate my ability to identify stakeholder needs, lead the design and development of computing-based systems, and oversee project completion. This report was created during the Spring of 2019 as part of the IT-420 Advanced Information System Implementation course.

Within this project closure artifact, you’ll find evidence of my proficiency in three key areas: establishing, executing, and evaluating a verification plan and system test cases that align with user-specified requirements. It also showcases my capability to integrate project methodology and the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) into a comprehensive overview while addressing risk management and assessing project objectives. Additionally, the document explores how user feedback was collected, analyzed, and translated into actionable insights throughout the development process. It emphasizes the importance of a well-structured project communication plan in catering to stakeholder needs and incorporating feedback into project improvements.

The process of creating this project closure report highlights my skills in effective communication and the strategic handling of user feedback to align it with project requirements. A solid understanding of the communication processes and protocols that bridge user needs positions me to contribute effectively to future projects, whether as a valuable team member or a knowledgeable team leader, ultimately guiding projects toward successful conclusions.