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The presented project proposal advocates for the integration of a Day Trip feature into the existing GasBuddy application. By addressing the identified issues with the GasBuddy app, the proposal offers an IT-driven solution to mitigate these challenges. Developed as part of the IT-415 Advanced Information System Design course, this proposal showcases my competency in creating comprehensive IT project documents.

This project proposal demonstrates my ability to analyze intricate computing problems and apply principles from computing and related fields to devise effective solutions. A close examination of the GasBuddy case study reveals executive stakeholders’ concerns about user engagement frequency and their interest in exploring revenue-enhancing opportunities.

To address these challenges, the proposal introduces a Day Trip feature that augments the GasBuddy app. This addition aims to boost user engagement while also facilitating revenue growth through extended third-party business partnerships. The proposed feature underscores various core IT competencies, including database architecture, programming skills, and web design proficiency. These skills were pivotal in developing and deploying the Day Trip feature within a controlled testing environment. Alongside outlining project objectives, the proposal delves into project development methodologies, key deliverables, and risk assessment.

Reflecting on this experience underscores my capacity to extract critical insights from stakeholder-provided information, resulting in the identification of project requirements, constraints, scope, and deliverables. These skills are poised to contribute to my success in future projects.